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Ramblings of a jaded man

Saturday, July 29, 2006

First step: in a multi step program.

Traffic, the bane of my existence, once a simple annoyance now a major source of frustration. For some traffic doesn’t pose a problem, for others it is an issue that they have to take up with their psychologist. Traffic in itself doesn’t bother me, what causes the frustration is why traffic occurs. Maybe you think I am crazy and that traffic is traffic no matter what causes it. Well, that is where I disagree. If a vehicle is involved in a accident on the same side of the road as me, ok, that will most likely cause some delays. However, why does traffic occur when the accident is on the opposite side of the highway? Is it because someone wants to get a better look at someone else’s misery or could it be that they simply have nothing better to do with their time? This is where my frustration comes from. The general disregard for other people on the road. curiosity delays, as they are called where I live, appear to be the cause of 90% of the traffic, wouldn’t quote me on that. What is even worse, is that people now slow down for anything. A snail could be crossing the road on the opposite side of the highway and traffic would come to a complete stop to observe the snail moving at a “snails” pace.

I have read that in some states law enforcement are now using large walls to prevent people from seeing accidents and the twisted metal that they produce. Reasonable results have been reported reducing the curiosity factor. I can not imagine that that would work, people here would just stop, look around, and waste more time trying to find a hole so they could see. the way I see it, law enforcement needs to take aim at the root of the problem, people who can't resist slowing down to participate in other peoples misery.

What are your comments on this subject?

Next on my list, State Troopers and their war on Road Rage. Does targeting the end result, Road Rage, really help?